OEM Program Management:

After an OEM Customer selects you as the supplier, a Program Manager is needed to keep
both sides in sync. The Program Manager works out the details leading to a successful
Customer Product launch.

OEM Life Cycle Consulting helps you decide exactly what, and how, to respond to these requirements.

OEM Business Life Cycle issues:
Generally OEM customers stay with their supplier for years or decades. But, it can take 12 months, or more, from engagement to volume sales. This can work to your advantage, because it makes it harder for you to be displaced. Winning OEM customers is only the beginning. Sustained growth entails planned and agreed:

  • Create Joint Project team (OEM Customer plus Supplier Product Teams)
  • Lead Joint Project team to decide requirements
  • Organize deep technical resources to help the Customer design team
  • Control and document Customer requirements throughout the program
  • Host Program reviews at Product Team and Executive level
  • Develop and maintain reports, reviews, meeting notes, and action items
  • Develop schedules with milestones clearly agreed
  • Publish detailed list of deliverables (and owners) for each milestone
  • Maintain risk and remediation dashboard
  • Maintain action item dashboard
  • Support reviews of quality metrics as agreed
  • Organize reviews with marketing, manufacturing, service (or others)
  • Organize reviews on industry standards compliance as required.
  • Conduct other reviews as required.

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