OEM Life Cycle Consulting

OEM Product Life Cycle issues:
OEM customers need Life Cycle Management services to manage their products. Simply put; “OEM customer’s need to see a lot of detail that you normally don't share.” Typically OEM customers demand:

  • Advance roadmap and transition planning
  • Forums to influence future products, “requests for enhancements”
  • Change notification
  • Reporting of quality data
  • Reporting of regulatory compliance (providing copies at times)
  • Early access, alpha, and/or beta programs
  • Direct relationship with engineering and manufacturing management
  • Inspections of facilities, extending into your supply chain at times
  • Customized training, and support
  • Extended product availability and support

OEM Life Cycle Consulting helps you decide exactly what, and how, to respond to these requirements.

OEM Business Life Cycle issues:
Generally OEM customers stay with their supplier for years or decades. But, it can take 12 months, or more, from engagement to volume sales. This can work to your advantage, because it makes it harder for you to be displaced. Winning OEM customers is only the beginning. Sustained growth entails planned and agreed:

  • Executive-to-executive oversight throughout the Business Life Cycle
  • Engineering-to-engineering support throughout the customer’s product development
  • Program management to align multiple stake-holders in both companies
  • Customized pricing, before commercial prices are approved
  • Support for the OEM customer’s deep technical inquiries
  • Helping the OEM customer produce complex Proposals to win large bids
  • Customized contracts, special terms and conditions
  • Use of, and management of, 3rd parties for unique customer needs

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