OEM customers create sustainable growth opportunities.
OEM customers bring vertical market presence, global reach, and industry expertise.
OEM Business increases unit volume to drive down unit cost.

Do you offer a technology advantage?
Do you offer emerging technology or products?
Do end-customers need your product integrated into a larger solution?
Do you need global presence, and global support / service to grow your business?

If ‘yes’ to the above, OEM Partnerships can help grow your company.

OEM customers bet their business on you, the supplier. They need to be nurtured. They have to trust your executives, staff, business model, and your superior technology.
Once you win them over, you become integral to the OEM’s success and vice versa. Sustaining OEM relationships entails personal relationships and unique processes.

Many companies are quarterly revenue driven, and do not provide the ‘high touch’ OEM customer services.

While OEM revenues last for a long time, developing OEM Business requires new ‘best practices’ and modest investments by the supplier.

The OEM Program Practice helps you become a partner, not just a supplier.

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